Originally from the west coast, I first came to Philadelphia in 2011 to attend Drexel University. Sustainability and the environment have long been a passion of mine, and living in the big city was pretty different.

Philly felt immediately like home though, and since living here I’ve become fascinated by the built-environment and how people create meaning in these places. Cities have unique stories, so to me it’s interesting to see how they evolve over time.

Since graduating in early 2015 with a BS in sustainable urbanism I’ve pursued a career in the world of civic technology. My entry point was the incredible community that organizes around it, and it continues to show me more and more about the world and myself.

We work with passionate professionals, dedicated nonprofit and community groups, and municipal partners to make Philly a better place for all the people living here.

Other fixations and distractions of mine include biking and walking through Philly, reading nonfiction/graphic novels, sketching ideas and playing with digital art tools, cooking, and poorly managing cuteness aggression.


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