Current Work

Executive Director, Code for Philly

When I first started attending Code for Philly in the summer of 2014 I was immediately taken by the energy and talent of the community. It was a community making change happen, and I wanted to be a part of it. My involvement continued to grow and evolve from documentation and presentation of the mission to ownership and growth.

Photo Credit: Kate Wisniewski

When the opportunity arose to take a leadership role at Code for Philly. As the executive director, I lead the development of the organization as well as maintain the community of civic hackers and civic tech projects. Our work aims to bring in technologists from experienced developers to professionals just starting their career in technology. Even better we bring in topical experts and city agencies to make civic projects have meaningful impact.

While we’re still very much in the start-up phase we hold onto our roots as we grow. Interested in knowing more about what we do? Check out for more info.


Product Marketing Associate, GovDelivery

By day, I work for GovDelivery, a govtech company that is transforming the citizen experience. Through a package of communication products, a learning platform, and an open data solution we help government improve the lives of the communities they serve.

As a product marketing associate, our team translates the technical intricacies of software products into understandable, actionable tasks.  By simplifying how the technologies work, government change agents can utilize the tools to lighten their daily work and improve how government operates as a whole.


My brain likes strategy, structure, process, transparency, and solving complex problems. My gut likes intuition, experimentation, creativity, exploring new ideas, authenticity and purposeful work.

I’m always looking for new ways to strike that balance. Have an idea about how? Send me a note or tweet me @de_mcdougs.



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