Help make DemHack2016 the best Code for Philly hackathon yet

We like to make hackathons be about more than code and about more than products. With a new mayor and new priorities, a presidential primary and Democratic National Convention, a mess of new councilpersons, and more than a few groups abuzz about millenials in public office, there hasn’t been a better, or more important time, to be a civic hacker and improve Philly democracy. Read this post about how you can contribute to hacking democracy whether it’s with code or ideas.

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Code for Philly SustyHack2015 Wrap Up

30 civic hackers, 5 projects, 1 weekend of re-thinking Philadelphia sustainability Over the weekend Code for Philly organized a 3-day long event that included presentations/unconference sessions that led into a hacking marathon. This was the fourth hackathon we organized this year, and I would argue one of the most successful we’ve seen yet. A few reasons […]

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